Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions 

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What's the Difference between a Modern AC Vent Cover and a Linear Slot Diffuser?

 Modern AC Vent Covers vs Linear Slot Diffusers

What does a Linear Slot Diffuser do? What are Linear Slot Diffusers used for? What is a Slot Diffuser? What is a Linear Diffuser? What is a Linear Vent? 

Linear Slot Diffusers are Vent Covers that are Linear and the “face” of a vent. The Air Conditioning unit distributes air throughout the home/building via the air duct tubing and delivers hot/cold air to each room that the vent is in, through the face of the vent, which is the Air Vent Cover or Linear Slot Diffuser. 

Are Linear Slot Diffusers good? 

Linear Slot Diffusers are the “face” of the vent, often referred to as a Vent Cover. Linear Slot Diffusers are good in the sense that they are aesthetically pleasing to look at and give a modern feel to any room they are in.  

How do I choose a Linear Slot Diffuser? 

For New Builds, we always recommend checking with your HVAC Contractor to confirm the CFM’s each room will need and then selecting you your Linear Slot Diffusers based on the CFM’s we have listed on our Brochures in the Links below the image. If it’s a remodel and you want to go from an Old Vent Cover to a Linear Slot Diffuser, we recommend going based on the CFM’s we have listed on our Brochures in the links below the image. First, remove your Old Vent Cover, measure the hole, and based on those measurements, find the size on the “Standard Linear Slot Diffuser” link, and then compare it to the “Linear Slot Diffusers” link just as is shown in the image below, you want to be as close as possible with the CFM’s. 

Standard Linear Slot Diffusers: 

Linear Slot Diffusers: 

What sizes do vent covers come in? What is the standard vent cover size? 

Vent Covers, Grilles, Registers, Diffusers come in different sizes. The most Standard Sizes being 10” x 6” and 12” x 6” and 8” x 4” - You will find at least one of these in most homes. Standard Sized air vent covers can range from 6” x 4” all the way to 30” x 24” (which are all sizes we carry). 

How do you measure vent covers? How do you measure vent replacement covers?  

We recommend measuring the size of the air duct opening to make sure the AC Vent Cover neck will fit into the opening. Our product dimensions are categorized by the neck of the AC Vent Cover and not by the face of the AC Vent Cover. Below is a quick flyer of what to measure for on an AC Vent Cover after removing it. 

How to measure and install modern ac vent covers

What do I need to know to purchase one of your Diffusers?  

To purchase one of our diffusers, all you need is to: 

  1. Unscrew your Old Vent Cover 
  2. Remove Old Vent Cover 
  3. Measure duct (open hole) with a measuring tape 
  4. Then based on those measurements you can order a Diffuser from our website: 

How do I choose a Linear Slot Diffuser? 

First, we’d recommend finding out the CFM’s that the room the Linear Slot Diffusers will be in, and if using multiple Linear Slot Diffusers, then subtracting the CFM’s according to how many Linear Slot Diffusers the room will have. 

Second, we recommend selecting the style, will it be a single slot, double slot, or triple slot Linear Slot Diffuser. While Single Slots look nice and thin, they don’t have the same CFM output that the larger 2 Slot and 3 Slot Diffusers do. 

Third, ordering the Linear Slot Diffusers and installing it (we recommend having a professional installing it, but you can do it yourself). 

Check out our catalogues to see which Vent Cover neck and face sizes would fit your duct opening:  

Standard Linear Slot Diffusers: 

Linear Slot Diffusers: 

What is the difference between an AC Vent Cover and a Linear Slot Diffuser? What is the difference between Grille and Diffuser? What is the cover of a vent called? 

There is no difference between Vents, Diffusers, Registers, Grilles. They are all just different names used by different industries for AC Vent Covers. AC Vent Covers are the "Face" of your AC Ducts which is the inside of the black box you see when you remove your AC Vent Covers. AC Vent Covers' main two functions are to cover the duct and direct the airflow as it enters the room. 

How to install a Modern AC Vent Cover? 

The method of installation is through the pre-drilled holes inside of the diffuser. Once the vent is in place, you will find them by opening the dampers (restricting the air temporarily). We recommend a drill with an extension to install the metal perforating screws that will be included in the vent. You will receive the Linear Slot Diffuser in the OPEN position. The black blades will be touching each other and is in the fully open position. The airflow will go through the sides. When you separate the black blades, you will be restricting the airflow. You can do that manually with your fingers, then you will see the predrill holes and with a drill and an extension, you will screw the 4 metal perforating screws through the sides. To bring it back to an OPEN position, like any other Linear Slot Diffuser you will need a tool, like a flat plastic spatula, knife, anything that is flat and rigid. You will need to insert the tool between the black blade and the white face of the diffuser and pressure it towards back to the center. 

Here is a quick video demonstration: 

What does CFM stand for? 

CFM stands for Cubic Feet per Minute and is the most common way to measure airflow. We measure CFM assuming an Effective Velocity of 9.8 ft/s because it is the industry standard. Areas are measured in square units (like square feet), and Volumes are measured in cubic units (like cubic feet). Rooms are measured in Cubic feet and a room by industry standards should be cooled in under 4 minutes, so a single vent to a 1000 cubic foot room (10ft x 10ft x 10ft) should have at least one vent with a rating of at least 260 CFM or higher. However, we always recommend speaking with an HVAC expert or licensed professional first. 

How much CFM for each Linear Slot Diffuser AC Vent? 

To find the CFM rating of our Linear Slot Diffusers, you can find it by looking at the CFM column on our catalog links below (and which are displayed in the picture below: 

Standard Linear Slot Diffusers: 

Linear Slot Diffusers: 

Do your Linear Slot Diffuser AC Vents come in different colors? 

At the moment, we only offer our AC Vent Covers in standard ceiling white. We are able to keep our Modern AC Vent Covers reasonably priced is because we manufacture our Vent Covers in bulk, which is why we only offer our Vent Covers in standard ceiling white and which is why we don't do custom sizes. 

Are your Linear Slot Diffuser AC Vents paintable? 

Yes, while we only offer our AC Vent Covers in standard ceiling white, our vent covers are paintable. We don't suggest painting the vent covers because they are powder coated with an electrostatic paint which makes them easy to clean and very dust resistant. However, if you do choose to paint our vent covers, we recommend using an oil-based paint or epoxy. 

Does it require a licensed installer, or can I install the Modern AC Vent Cover myself? 

No, it is not required. We recommend you look up your county and state guidelines to see if a permit is required for remodeling HVAC systems. We designed our Linear Slot Diffusers to be installed by the average homeowner because we believe in convenience. That is why we recommend watching our videos and looking up information online and/or seeking the console of a handyman or HVAC installer. 

Here is a video demonstration: 

Do you offer custom-sized Linear Slot Diffuser AC Vents? 

At the moment, we unfortunately do not offer custom-sized Linear Slot Diffusers. To keep our AC Vent Covers at the highest quality and remain at an affordable price, we manufacture our models at scale - meaning we manufacture in bulk. That is another reason why we are always in stock and ready to ship. 

How do your Linear Slot Diffuser AC Vents work? 

Our Linear Slot Diffusers offer a Directional System with a 3-Way Air Flow Option that can be achieved by changing the direction of the dampers (louvers) by adjusting them with a plastic putty knife or tool with a flat surface. The Inner Mounting Installation Function and Design Avoids Exposing the Duct. The Electrostatic Paint offers a Smooth Finish which makes them Easy to Clean 

Can your Linear Slot Diffuser AC Vents be installed on the floor? 

Yes. Our Vent Covers were initially designed to be only for ceilings but after changes in design we have adjusted our designs so that they can be easily installed on Ceilings, Walls and Floors. If it fits, it sits - meaning if the duct opening is a 12x4 opening then it doesn't matter if it's on the ceiling, wall or floor, our AC Vent Cover can be installed. 

Are your Linear Slot Diffuser AC Vents directional or can the airflow be adjusted? 

Our Standard Linear Slot Diffusers offer a 90-degree directional airflow. Our Linear Slot Diffusers offer a 180-degree directional airflow. This directional airflow can be achieved by changing the direction of the dampers (louvers) by adjusting them with a plastic putty knife or tool with a flat surface.  

Do your Linear Slot Diffusers/Modern AC Vent Covers work as a return? 

Yes, all our models can be used to serve as both a supply and as a return AC Vent. However, keep in mind that when being used as a Return vent, we recommend using a 0.8x multiplier on the listed CFM (i.e., listed CFM of 300 would be for the supply and that same vent cover if used as a return vent cover would have the CFM of 240) because it is harder to suck in air than it is to push the same amount of air. 

How do your Linear Slot Diffusers/Modern AC Vent Covers compare to a normal AC Vent? 

  • Provides a Contemporary Look, giving any room a more updated feel. 
  • Electrostatic Paint for a Smooth Finish makes our vents Easy to Clean. 
  • 100% Aluminum - No Corrosion - Very Sturdy and Resistant to Rust. 
  • Directional Dampers that not only diffuses the air but also adjusts the flow of air. 
  • Screws in from the side rather than the front which makes a more secure hold and gives it that fixture look. 

Do you sale Plenum Boxes? 

Yes, at the moment we only offer Plenum Boxes for our Linear Slot Diffusers (Linear Slot Diffusers - 1 Slot, Linear Slot Diffusers - 2 Slot, Linear Slot Diffusers - 3 Slot). We do NOT sell plenum boxes for our standard linear slot diffusers because usually when doing a retrofit, your will already have a plenum box. 

Do I need a Plenum Box for your Linear Slot Diffusers AC Vents? 

Yes, at the moment we only offer Plenum Boxes for our Linear Slot Diffusers: 

Linear Slot Diffusers - 1 Slot 

Linear Slot Diffusers - 2 Slot 

Linear Slot Diffusers - 3 Slot 

They are made of galvanized metal and insulated with a black foam for a superior R rating that is higher than anything in the market. 

Do you sale Plenum Reducers? 

No, we don't carry or sale Plenum Reducers. A Plenum Reducer is like a coupling between a larger Plenum connection to a smaller ac connection. You can purchase plenum reducers at your local Home Depot or Lowes. They aren't too expensive, and most associates will know what you are talking about. 

Do Linear Slot Diffusers/Modern AC Vent Covers fit with an existing Air Duct? 

Yes. Our Linear Slot Diffusers/Modern AC Vent Covers were designed to be the quickest and easiest way to replace your current AC Vent Covers. You can do it yourself or have a handyman do it for you. Replacing your vents with Linear Slot Diffusers/Modern AC Vent Covers is the more cost-effective option as well. 

As stated above, we recommend measuring the size of the air duct opening to make sure the AC Vent Cover neck will fit into the opening. Our product dimensions are categorized by the neck of the AC Vent Cover and not by the face of the AC Vent Cover. Below is a quick flyer of what to measure for on an AC Vent Cover after removing it. 

How did Linear Slot Diffusers get started?

Linear Slot Diffusers was born 10 years ago out of our Construction Company called Skuadra Construction. We love the idea of a Modern Contemporary Clean Contemporary Looking Air Vent Cover that looks like a Modern Looking Fixture or a Home Décor Accent. We retrofitted the Linear Slot Diffuser look to all residential sizes. We designed, created, tested and patent for design and utility. This Vent Covers have an Amazing look, made of 100% Aluminum to avoid corrosion, Electrostatic paint for a great finish and they are very easy to clean. This modern AC Vent Cover looks like a Modern Looking Fixture and not a traditional air exit. A Must have Home Décor Accent for your Home.

Do you offer estimates for large orders? 

Yes, call us at (956) 900-1103 for more information  


Vent covers, also known as register covers or grilles, are devices installed over the air vents in a building's heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. They are designed to control the flow of air into a room and improve the overall energy efficiency of the HVAC system. Our vent covers have an adjustable damper which can be opened or closed to regulate the amount of airflow into a room. Our vent covers are used to regulate airflow in a building by controlling the amount of air that enters a room and improve energy efficiency of your HVAC system. The adjustable damper is what makes our vent cover a diffuser. When the damper is open, the vent cover allows air to flow freely into the room. When the damper is closed, the vent cover restricts airflow, reducing the amount of air that enters the room. This can help to prevent drafts, reduce noise, and improve the overall energy efficiency of the HVAC system by preventing heated or cooled air from flowing into unused or unoccupied areas of the building. Our vent covers come in a variety of standard sizes, they can be mounted on the wall, floor, or ceiling. Each vent cover is powder coated with a nice shiny finish to compliment the interior of any building and give it that nice, updated look.

Linear slot diffusers are a type of air diffuser used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. They are designed to distribute conditioned air evenly throughout a room or space. Linear slot diffusers typically consist of a long, narrow slot or opening that runs along the length of the diffuser. Air is distributed through this slot, and then spread out into the room by a series of slots which each contain deflectors (dampers) that are located within the diffuser slots. Linear slot diffusers are often used in commercial and industrial buildings, such as office buildings, schools, and hospitals, because of their ability to distribute large amounts of air over a wide area. They are also often used in buildings with high ceilings, such as airports, atriums and shopping centers. Linear slot diffusers also come in a variety of sizes and designs to match the specific needs of a building. They can be ceiling-mounted, wall-mounted, or floor-mounted and are made of 100% aluminum. Some can have adjustable slots to control the airflow direction or be equipped with deflectors (dampers) to control the airflow volume. They are commonly used in commercial and industrial buildings, as well as buildings with high ceilings. Ours come in a variety of sizes from 12" to 72” in 1-2-3 Slot Linear Diffusers.

All our vent covers are coated with a white, powder coated electrostatic paint. Powder coating is a type of coating that is applied as a dry powder and then cured under heat to form a protective layer on a surface. It is paint that is commonly used to coat metal surfaces, such as on automobiles, appliances, and industrial equipment.

There are several benefits of using powder coating, including:

Durability: Powder coating is highly durable and resistant to chipping, scratching, and fading. This makes it an ideal coating for items that will be exposed to the elements or will be subject to frequent use.

Weather resistance: Powder coating can withstand exposure to UV rays, rain, and other environmental factors, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor applications.

Environmentally friendly option: It can be recycled.

Chemical resistant: Powder coating is resistant to many chemicals such as acids, oils and other corrosive materials, making it ideal for even industrial applications.

Powder coating offers durability, rust-resistance, easy to clean, weather resistance, and chemical resistance. These benefits make powder coating a popular choice for a variety of applications in different industries.

Simple and modern-looking accents can add a sleek, contemporary look to any interior design. Some benefits of incorporating our modern air vent covers into a space include:

Versatility: Simple modern accents are often neutral in color and have clean lines, which makes them easy to pair with a wide range of design styles. They can be used to complement an existing design scheme or to add a modern touch to a more traditional space.

Minimalism: Simple modern accents often have a minimalist aesthetic, which can create a sense of calm and order in a space. This can be particularly beneficial in smaller spaces or in areas where a more cluttered look would be overwhelming.

Functionality: Simple modern accents often have a functional aspect, such as storage or lighting. This can help to maximize the functionality of a space while still maintaining a clean and modern look.

Timelessness: Simple modern accents tend to have a timeless quality, which makes them a good investment. They won't go out of style, and will maintain their clean and sleek look for many years.

Ease of maintenance: Simple modern accents are often easy to clean and maintain, which can be beneficial in high-traffic areas or spaces where regular cleaning is required.

Flexibility: Simple modern accents can be rearranged or replaced with ease, so you can change the look of your room without having to spend too much money on new furniture.

In summary, simple modern accents can add a sleek, contemporary look to any interior design, because they are versatile, minimalist, functional, timeless, easy to maintain, and flexible. These benefits make them a great option for any space looking to add a touch of modernity.

Accents, such as trim work, crown molding, and wainscoting, can add visual interest and character to a home, which can make it more appealing to potential buyers. Additionally, these types of upgrades can also increase the overall perceived value of a home. However, it's important to note that the value added will vary depending on the style and quality of the accents, as well as the specific market and location of the home. Furthermore, it's also worth noting that some accent updates may not be as appealing to all buyers, and therefore may not add as much value as other updates.

White is a popular color for interior and exterior paint because it is neutral, versatile and timeless. It is a classic color that goes with any decorating style and is easy to coordinate with other colors. Additionally, white can make a space feel larger and brighter by reflecting light. Furthermore, white is also a popular color for buildings because it helps to reduce heat absorption and can help to keep a building cool in warm climates. And lastly, it is also considered a "safe" color choice as it appeals to a wide range of people and is unlikely to be offensive to potential buyers.

Linear slot diffusers, on the other hand, are a type of air diffuser that are installed in the ceiling or wall of a room. They work by evenly distributing the air from the HVAC system throughout the room. They have a long, narrow slot that runs along the length of the diffuser and can be adjusted to control the amount of airflow. The slot design allows for a more even distribution of air throughout the room, and can also create a more pleasant and subtle airflow sound.

The commercial grade solid aluminum with modern architectural design is an excellent choice for any renovation or construction project that requires a durable and stylish vent cover. Its solid aluminum construction ensures that it will stand up to heavy usage and last for many years, even in high-traffic areas. Its modern architectural design makes it a visually pleasing option that will complement any decor. The versatility of this vent cover is one of its best features, as it can be used in a variety of ways. It is designed to be used as both a supply vent cover and return vent cover, making it a great option for any space that needs both types of vents.

Our vents are an ideal solution for updating the look and functionality of any room in your home or office. If you're renovating a bathroom, kitchen, living room or looking to update the aesthetic of your office or commercial space, our modern air vent covers are the perfect choice and can help create a more professional and inviting atmosphere. Our vents are designed to be highly functional, while also being stylish and visually appealing. With a wide range of sizes to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect vent cover to meet your needs and complement your decor. We make all sizes from 6x4 to 30x24 standard sized modern ac vent covers for the modern-day home.

It can be used in a wide range of settings, including homes, offices, and commercial buildings. It's important to note that this is a non-filter model, which means it is not designed to filter the air passing through it, but rather to allow for proper ventilation. This is an important consideration for spaces where air quality is a concern, as it may be necessary to purchase separate air filters to improve the air quality in those spaces. This vent cover is a great choice for any project or space that requires a durable, versatile and stylish vent cover that can be used in multiple ways. It's modern design and solid construction makes it perfect for a variety of settings and applications.

Not only do they improve the look of your room interiors, but they can also enhance the overall feel of the space. This can create a more comfortable and productive work environment, which is beneficial for both employees and customers. By updating and upgrading the look of your walls, ceiling, and floors with our modern vent covers, you can increase the overall appeal of your home or office, making it more attractive to potential buyers or renters. They not only improve the look of your space, but they are easy to install and are easy to clean. They are a cost-effective way of improving the functionality of your space while adding value to your property.