About Us

We are Linear Slot Diffusers, a sister company to Texas Buildmart. Texas Buildmart started back in 2013 and continues selling building materials to construction companies who wanted Modern looking fixtures like Sinks, Sink Bowls, LED lights, and Vent Covers.
During this time our vent covers were already ahead of the industry in terms of functionality but we noticed an opportunity for us to perfect them, not only in terms of functionality but also in the case of aesthetics. So in 2019. Linear Slot Diffusers was created to focus more on the Vent Covers manufacturing and distribution details of the company. We wanted a more sleek look, so that the vents almost melt into the surface, a smooth and sleek coat of electrostatic paint that would look almost like it's part of the vent itself. We wanted it to be simple to install and easy to clean, and after lots of testing and feedback, we finally came out with Linear Slot Diffusers and our Standard Linear Slot Diffusers catalogue. We followed the same procedure with our Plenum Boxes as well and just recently released our newest line of Plenum Boxes for the Single Slot Linear Slot Diffusers back in September 2021.
We created Linear Slot Diffusers to not only solve the problem of ugly old dusty ac vents but to make it easy enough that the average homeowner could install it themselves. We believe that Modern AC Vents are what every homeowner needs because it makes a huge difference in any home. It updates any room they are installed and it increases the overall feel of any space.